Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stuff "Lost" has to resolve in two hours on Sunday


***** If you are behind in Lost, or plan on watching it someday, do not read this post.*****

Here are just some mysteries that have yet to be adequately explained in the show:

Desmond -
How does he time travel?

How did he have premonitions about Charlie's death?

How does he resist electromagnetism?

How did Elouise know about his time traveling back in season 2?

Jacob -

How does he travel from the island?

Who was his mother?

What was his brother's name?

Why can't we know his brother's name?

How does he protect the island?

How did he pick these candidates, and how does he have so much control over their fate?

Where did this group of people who have to protect him, and who ask the secret question about "What lies beneath the statue," come from?

Smoke monster-

Is it the brother?

Why can't he kill Jacob or candidates?

Did he exist before the brother was pushed into the light?

Others -

Where did the others come from?

Who was Dogan, at the temple? How did him being a "leader" relate to leaders like Ben? Were they in the same group?

How did the water heal people?

Did they build the temple?

How did the guy with the eye patch keep coming back to life?

Dharma Initiative -

Why/by whom were they founded?

How did they find the island?

How long were they on the island?

What was their real goal?

Where did the Dharma food fall from in the 1st/2nd season?

General questions -

What is the "sickness" that Sayid, Claire, and the French people got?

Why can't women get pregnant/give birth on the island?

Where did the giant Egyptian statue come from?

Why do two storylines exist? Which is "real"?

Why did the psychic think that Claire's baby was evil and should die?

Who's going to take care of Sun and Jin's baby?

How old is the island?

What is the island?

What is the light an allegory for?

Why wasn't Mr. Echo a candidate (you know he wasn't because the smoke monster killed him)?

In the alternate future, why were they all still on Oceanic 815, if the island no longer had control of their fates?

I have had lots of other questions too, but I don't write them down right away and forget them forever.

What other plot holes/mysteries can you think of that need resolving this Sunday? Can you add more questions to my list?

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C.J. said...

For reasons that are unclear to me, FMH won't let me post, so I'm responding to your question here (hopefully that's OK). You and I, I think, in some ways, come from a similar background. I can't say "I feel your pain", cause I don't (duh), but I definitely relate.

I disagree with the poster who says you need to acknowledge his role in your life. A huge part of living a healthy, happy life is having the courage to set boundaries. Affirming that you deserve to be happy, and to make the decisions that will make you happy, is an important part of that. There's nothing "wrong" or "bad" with limiting, or indeed ending entirely, a relationship you find toxic.

That being said, none of us can tell you what kind of relationship to have with your father, because we're not you, and we haven't lived your life. I have a difficult family situation, myself, and over the years, those who know about it (sadly, a certain amount of public knowledge is unavoidable) often feel the need to tell me what I should be doing. They tend to promote one of two extreme ideologies: cut the person off at the knees (and I'm a bad, weak, horrible person if I don't), or become a never-ending wellspring of tender, loving care (and I'm an equally bad, weak, horrible person if I don't). I've learned to ignore both groups. Usually, people who have a lot invested in pressing a certain agenda have something to prove--to themselves.

Ultimately, I'll pass on the best advice I've ever been given: never take advice from anyone you don't want to be more like.

Father's Day is (supposed to be) about family. On Sunday, do whatever makes you and your family (family being, in the final analysis, the people we choose to include in our lives, whether biologically related or not) the happiest. My own dad passed away a long time ago, and on Father's Day, I remember him, but I also honor the people in my life who've played a "dad" role.