Sunday, October 17, 2010


Okay, okay, so we suck at this. My bad. And Robert's bad. Especially his, cuz look, I've written way more than him lately. :P

So, some fun stuff we've been up to lately.

We went on a trip to Vancouver! Amazing city. It feels slightly similar to Seattle, but I think I actually like it more. It felt very international. We heard SO MANY different languages being spoken all around us, more than you do even in New York. There was Chinese, and Punjabi, and Spanish, and French, and Arabic, and lots of them that we couldn't recognize. Purty cool.

Also, Stanly Park is super neato. We came across a whole den of raccoons there. I always thought raccoons had a reputation for being scared and slightly dangerous, but these fat little things just wandered right up to us. There were also gorgeous white swans; and, oh yeah, HERONS. How often do you just see herons hanging out right in front of you? Very cool.

I think my favorite part was the Lynn Canyon suspension bridge, which leads to the beautiful Lynn Canyon Park. A little park away in the mountain, with some beautiful hiking and a gorgeous river.

I knew I wanted to get out of town. (If you read just the front page of this blog, it's pretty obvious that that's been the main thing on my mind for months now.) But I thought I wanted to get out of town to get to another city. I am a city person, heart and soul. What I didn't realize was that I was really missing some good time in nature. Getting out of the city, and into the woods, did wonders for me.

I especially enjoyed being by the river. We made a friend in Philadelphia who was actually from Seattle, and was obsessed with water. I think water is cool and all, but I didn't really understand her love for it. Then I moved to Seattle, and after a few summers here, I can really start to see where the addiction can come from. On a clear sunny day, you are always just a couple of blocks away from a stunning vista of crystally blue water, gently heaving over the monstrous depths. It's really pretty cool.

But I grew up with rivers. We didn't have many impressive bodies of water in Northern Utah, so rivers were it. I loved their power, their sound, the crashing falls, and the smooth pools. And hiking along a river put me in touch with the type of peace I used to get out of nature in my childhood. And that was nice.

So there, there's a piece of our exciting life.

I'm making a list of other things I want to write about on here, so hopefully we'll stop being so boring. And I bet if Robert got some adoring fan mail, from all of our zero readers, he'd write sometimes too. :)


Sasha said...

Yay!!! It is so nice when my stalking is rewarded with a post :) I am very jealous. You claim that rivers can be pretty. After five years here, I can only understand rivers as a drainage system for industrial plants that apparently produced death-scented, muck juice. Perhaps I need to follow your example and leave Philly once a while.... :p

Oh, and Robert, you are the most awesome blog writer of all time. <3<3<3

How was that?

I miss you guys!

Emily A. W. said...

I've been to Vancouver and I heart it. It has such an amazing international flare and the way the city is setup is awesome. I agree. I like it better than Seattle, hands down.
I am glad you got a chance to get out and enjoy the outdoors. I need some of that too.

mfranti said...

ahhh......vancouver. my favoritest NA city.

and what do you mean there's no impressive bodies of water in No Utah?

The Great Salt Lake. That's one impressively stinky body of salt and flies.

Just teasing. It's ecological importance can not be underestimated.