Wednesday, November 03, 2010


(Big Life Changes)

After a lot of talking and planning and strategizing and scheming and thinking and stuff, Robert and I have come to a big decision.

He is going to, for the time being, withdraw from school.

This has been an idea we've been toying with for some time. Moving to a new city is always hard, and coupled with transferring to a new school program, it has been a rough transition for him. The style and attitude of the Graphic Design program here has been pretty incompatible with Robert's studying, learning, and creative style. What I hated to see happening was watching Robert's love for his field dwindle due to his frustration with his program.

Oh, and we're $70,000 + in debt. Just for his school. Sad face.

So yes, he's out, for now.

We're excited about the possibilities going forward. He's looking for jobs in his field, and he really seems to be qualified for quite a few of them. We're sending in applications this week. If he gets a job and starts gaining experience in the field, we won't worry about going back someday. But if we find that employers really do insist on that degree paper, it will be really easy to re-enroll him.

He's also going to be able to spend a little more time learning Spanish via Rosetta Stone, in preparation for our upcoming trip to Suramérica. And, he created a really deep and amazing comic book character when he was younger, so I'm going to become his writer and we're going to see about establishing a little webcomic. Stay posted for further details.

Anyway, keep us positively in your thoughts, and wish Robert luck in his many exciting adventures, directly ahead!


Lou said...

Oh no. Now our house will have even more Spanish...

mfranti said...

i love how you use "we". You're such a team player, nat.

you guys are gonna be just fine. you'r too smart and too hard working not to be.