Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Seattle is Pretty

Autumn has long been my favorite season. It's hard here in Seattle, because Autumn is when the rain starts, and I've been dreading the onset of the rain so much that when signs of fall started, I sorta panicked and wanted it to go away. And yes, the rainy days can be pretty crummy. But every once in a while, a sunny day breaks through, and the beautiful glory of Seattle shines through. It's a really beautiful city, on its good days. Here are some pics that were taken of the park directly across from our apartment just last week.

It's not quite Philly's Clark Park, but it's a gorgeous little bit of woods.

That's pretty much the view from my bus stop every day.

The other view from my bus stop.

Looking out over Kinnear Park to Elliott Bay and beyond.

Elliott Bay is so sparkly! Ooh!


Stephen M (ethesis) said...

Very pretty. Makes me wish I lived in the Northwest.

mfranti said...

Pretty crummy views you got there, missy!

Dang, Natalie, it's gorgeous.