Wednesday, July 06, 2011

A New Barrio

We have moved again!

Last year, we were the landing pad for a few folks who moved up to Seattle from Utah. My sister, and then her friend, were striking out to a new city on their own, and they lived with us for a while before getting settled on their own. They have both moved on and gotten their own places, so we had to get out of our pricier 2-bedroom and into a place for just us and our furry little monsters .

For our first two years in Seattle, we lived in a neighborhood called Queen Anne. It's a nice neighborhood, really beautiful, really quiet and safe. It's also just a little boring, and a little out of our price-range. While apartments were affordable, the stores, restaurants, and cafes were for people decidedly above us in income. As a result, we didn't go out as much as we would have liked, or had to spend quite a bit of time commuting to other neighborhoods to catch up with our friends.

Our apartment, also, was completely devoid of sunshine. We lived in a unit on the northern side of the building, right at the ground level, and our view consisted of one vine-covered cement wall. Direct sunlight literally never entered the place. This is a pretty solid recipe for depression in a city where it is so often dark and gloomy when you go outside.

We decided to get to a completely new part of the city. After an apartment hunt spanning several very cool neighborhoods, we stumbled upon one in a part of the city that we had never really looked for intentionally - Seattle's International District, a variation of what many cities would call a Chinatown. We found a place, loved it, and now we live across the street from a place with some awesome Hong Kong-style dim sum. :)

We are SO much more connected with the rest of the city via public transportation, we have good food just oozing out of our eyeballs with all the restaurants nearby, and the apartment itself is just great. We have a dishwasher, brand new hardwood floors, and, I almost die of happiness just typing this, a washer and dryer in unit.

Meet: The Avenger, and the Destroyer.

I needed really strong names for them to convey their importance in my life. :)

Best of all, we are in a corner unit, and we have gorgeous windows all along the eastern and southern walls, so the place is just flooded with light.

Enough light that I can try my hand again at keeping something other than kitties alive:

The kitties don't seem to be excited about eating the blossoms yet - that's how they derailed my brief attempt at growing tomatoes before.

All in all, it was a very providential move for us, and we are super excited about it.


wendyhcd said...

I'm so happy for you, cousin!! Your place looks and sounds beautiful AND functional. The best combination. ESP if it's affordable too. Wohoo! And I'm totally jealous about your in unit washer and dryer! That's the next apt upgrade we're dreaming about someday. BTW, I love reading your posts on FMHS and Agitating Faithfully when I check those sites occasionally. So proud of you using your voice! Love ya!

natalie said...

Hey Wendy! I didn't know you read fmh ever. Cool. :) Thanks for stopping by here.